Business Analytics Insight 2014


Keynote Speakers: Margy Ross, President of the Kimball Group and Per Englund from Karolinska University Hospital

The word “Kimball” is synonymous with dimensional modeling. The Kimball Group has established an extensive portfolio of dimensional techniques and vocabulary, including conformed dimensions, slowly changing dimensions, junk dimensions, mini-dimensions, bridge tables, periodic and accumulating snapshot fact tables, and the list goes on.

Business Analytics For All hosts Margy Ross, co-author with Ralph Kimball of the best-selling Data Warehouse Toolkit books at Business Analytics Insight 2014 on 20 November in Stockholm. Attendees at this conference get insight into how to keep tight control over the scope of your data warehouse/business intelligence program.

Per Englund is an all-round technology pioneer and a core team member of the eHealth Innovation Lab at Karolinska University Hospital, focusing on big data and mobile solutions within health care. He will give you the what’s up on Big Data as evolutions are rapidly following up on each other.

In addition to our keynote session, our agenda also featured four content rich solution provider sessions focused on learning, not hype. Solution providers, and in many cases their clients, will share case studies, best practices, key learnings and future trends and technologies. Topics covered at the conference include:

  • Agile BI
  • Big Data
  • Data Visualization
  • Self-Service Business Intelligence


Business Analytics Insight 2014 brings together a community of business intelligence & analytics professionals providing a platform to share must-have insights and best practices.

Why Attend

  • Experience a unique mix of keynote sessions, content-rich sessions focused on learning, case studies and best practices adding up to a cutting edge agenda
  • Hear a visionary keynote from Margy Ross, President of the Kimball Group
  • Get must-have insights on how to contain DW/BI scope creep and avoid scope theft
  • Learn how your organization needs to adapt to take the full advantage of Big Data opportunities
  • Hear how to maintain control and structure with Self-Service BI
  • Dare to share! Take part in our community
  • Network with your peers

Who Should Attend

  • Leaders of BI and analytics initiatives (CIO, CFO, Business Inntelligence Director / Manager, Data Warehouse Manager, …)
  • Business sponsors of BI and analytics initiatives
  • BI Competency Center managers
  • Business analysts
  • Project and program managers
  • Technology architects
  • Data / Information architects and data modelers
  • Developers of BI and data warehousing systems
  • Business and IT consultants


09:00Welcome Note (Magnus Penker, Penker Management)
09:15Keynote: The Truth About Big Data (Per Englund, Karolinska University Hospital)
09:55Self-Service BI: Embedded BI in Global Customer Care (Mikael Ekström, eBuilder)
10:30Networking Coffee
11:00Understanding The Role Of Data Visualization (Bert Brijs, Lingua Franca)
11:30ba4all Speed Geeking - Self-Service Business Intelligence
12:30Networking Lunch
13:30 Agile Analytics – Beslutsstöd Som Fungerar i en Ständigt Föränderlig Värld (Johan Petersson, Acando)
14:05ba4all Blitz Sessions
15:00Networking Coffee
15:30Keynote: Contain DW/BI Scope Creep and Avoid Scope Theft (Margy Ross, Kimball Group)
16:50Closing Remarks (Magnus Penker, Penker Management)
17:00Networking Reception


The Truth About Big Data

Keynote Session by Per Englund, Karolinska University Hospital

Big Data, Big Hype? It is hard to distinguish fact from fiction, hope from reality, and marketing from substance. Yet companies cannot afford to ignore the new trends in information management. A key aspect of technology and business innovation has to do with new uses and increasing complexity in the collection, management and analysis of information. The real value of Big Data comes from the analytics, available today and emerging, that brings value and insight to the business. Organisations across all industries need to master the associated challenges. Big Data brings new levels of volume, variety and velocity in data. This all needs to be managed whilst dealing with challenges brought by the competition, customer demand, regulators and other stakeholders to produce deeper insight. This session will address the future of information management and will cover both the management of Big Data and the technology necessary to extract business value from Big Data.

The presentation can be viewed using this linkAll on-line solution provider/speaker presentations are subject to the use of this disclaimer.

Self Service BI: Embedded BI in Global Customer Care

Speaker: Mikael Ekström, eBuilder

According to a recent analyst report by Gartner, innovative "customer experiences" is undeniable the most important area that is being discussed across management teams in every industry as we speak. This is said to be creating a focus and investment in “customer centricity” to drive growth for 2015, and the “2014 Gartner CEO survey” shows that business growth was among the top three priorities for 64% of respondents, and for 80% of respondents it is in the top five. But the most important from the study is a statement that due to the current and still uncertain economy, the growth sought by all CEOs can only be obtained at the expense of their competitors. Hence, the need for meaningful, smart customer experiences is the highest ranked investment of 2015. This presentation is discussing how Customer Experience / Customer Care and business growth can be achieved by among others using more and more BI self-service in a Cloud Business Process as a Service (BPaaS) environment and with advanced BI capabilities embedded in global Customer Care Services.

The presentation can be viewed using this linkAll on-line solution provider/speaker presentations are subject to the use of this disclaimer.

ba4all Speed Geeking on Self-Service Business Intelligence

Are you tired of attending conferences with tediously long powerpoint presentations? Then this platform is just for you. Each company is "doing more with less" and we are making this work in your favour! Get more useful information at less the time! 

Speed Geeking is group method to quickly expose attendees to new information, tips, tricks, best practice about any topic but the focus is on short exposure to something new as presented by someone with deep, practical experience in the topic area, tool or method.

How does it work? You spend 1 hour engaging with solutions experts (Geeks) in an informal engaging environment.

Understanding The Role Of Data Visualization

Speaker: Bert Brijs, Lingua Franca

Like good writing, good graphical displays of data communicate ideas with clarity, precision and efficiency. However, like bad writing, bad graphical displays distort data – making business decisions impossible and flawed. There are many conventional ways to visualise data, in every project and on every occasion, but often the simple pie chart does not suffice. In fact there are much better, profound, creative and absolutely fascinating ways to visualise data.

Hear how you can use data visualisation to your advantage.

  • The benefits of data visualisation – how it drives end user buy-in for BI
  • The capabilities, and limitations, of conventional data visualisation
  • Data visualisation technology and techniques – the how and why of data visualisation
  • Real life examples of data visualisation – how has it benefited organisations?
  • You want it? How to build the business case for visualisation and implement it effectively with your current BI systems
The presentation can be viewed using this linkAll on-line solution provider/speaker presentations are subject to the use of this disclaimer.

Agile Analytics – Beslutsstöd Som Fungerar i en Ständigt Föränderlig Värld

Speaker: Johan Petersson, Acando

Ett innovativt och snabbfotat företag av i dag har helt andra krav på beslutsstöd och datalager än vad vi sett tidigare. Det handlar om att i små snabba steg utveckla förmågan att fatta beslut baserat på ett ständigt ökande informationsflöde. Vi presenterar hur agila metoder kan användas tillsammans med den senaste tekniken inom datalager och Big Data för att skapa helt nya affärer, och på betydligt kortare tid.

The presentation can be viewed using this linkAll on-line solution provider/speaker presentations are subject to the use of this disclaimer.

Contain DW/BI Scope Creep and Avoid Scope Theft

Keynote Session by Margy Ross, Kimball Group

Keeping tight control over the scope of your data warehouse/business intelligence (DW/BI) program is a key ingredient for success. Margy Ross, co-author with Ralph Kimball of the best-selling Data Warehouse Toolkit books, will share practical tips and techniques for maintaining your project’s scope based on the Kimball Group’s decades of DW/BI experience during this keynote presentation.

Learn how to:

  • Establish manageably-sized projects that deliver real value to your business users
  • Resist the temptation to gradually expand the scope
  • Keep the project focused on DW/BI objectives rather than getting hijacked for broader infrastructure initiatives
The presentation can be viewed using this linkAll on-line solution provider/speaker presentations are subject to the use of this disclaimer.




Bert Brijs

Bert is an entrepreneur in Customer Relationship Management since 1986, started in Business Analytics in 1994 and is now preparing a startup in Big Data Analytics. He is the author of the book “Business Analysis for Business Intelligence” and a regular speaker on conferences, seminars and workshops.

Johan Petersson

Johan Petersson, Senior BI-Arkitekt och projektledare på Acando, har mer än 10 års erfarenhet av beslutsstöd, och har på senare år varit projektledare och arkitekt för ett flertal BI-projekt som praktiserat agila metoder. Just nu jobbar han i ett större BI-projekt som tillämpar Scrum med gott resultat.

Magnus Penker

Magnus Penker is an internationally recognized management consultant with a focus on innovation and growth. He recently completed his fourth tune-around case, this time as CEO of Apple's biggest Swedish premium reseller Digital Inn. A company he turned in a short period of time from heavy losses to profits through a data-driven innovation of a business model and formulating strategies for both the offering and channels and thereby set a new standard for Apple's international premium channel. Magnus also lectures regularly at international business schools and MBA programs, he is extensively appreciated key note on the major events in innovation, entrepreneurship, and data-driven growth, and has written several international best-selling books and articles on business, technology and innovation.

Margy Ross

Margy Ross is President of the Kimball Group. She has focused exclusively on decision support and data warehousing for more than twenty years, specializing in program/project strategy, business requirements analysis, and dimensional modeling. Since helping over 100 large organizations with their data warehouses, she remains convinced that business acceptance is the true measure of data warehouse success.

In addition to her consulting activities, Margy teaches the core Kimball University public classes and on-sites. She co-authored The Data Warehouse Toolkit (3rd Edition), The Data Warehouse Lifecycle Toolkit (2nd Edition) and The Kimball Group Reader and regularly writes the Data Warehouse Designer column for Intelligent Enterprise.

Before launching the Kimball Group, Margy co-founded DecisionWorks Consulting, Inc. in 1994 with Bob Becker and Nancy Rinn. She had previously worked at Metaphor for ten years in a variety of consulting and management positions, including responsibility for Metaphor’s Customer Database Marketing business unit. Margy began her career with Arthur Andersen (now Accenture) Consulting. She graduated with a BS in Industrial Engineering from Northwestern University.

Mikael Ekström

Mikael Ekström is eBuilder’s senior vice president for Service Management. He has 25+ years of international experience in product management, sales, development, operations and management within global software and technology companies offering enterprise-level solutions. Prior to joining eBuilder Mikael worked at the Nordic branch of the global integration solutions and software supplier Axway and had the role as the Axway Nordic Professional Services Manager (PSO) for three years in establishing a Nordic PSO-organization with a growth to a revenue of 18MSEK. In Axway two years as Senior Product Manager stationed in Paris as well. Before Axway he held the position as senior product manager at Viewlocity Inc reporting to SVP Product Management in Atlanta, USA. Viewlocity was a spin-off from Swedish company Frontec where Mikael spent 15+ year and was for example in charge of global technical pre-sales, as well as working as a senior integration consultant for several years and originally as a programmer and UNIX expert. 2011 and 2012 Mikael was the Chairman for the Swedish national organization “Network Association for Electronic Business” (NEA; and has been in the board of NEA for 7 years. Mikael is as well a co-author of the Swedish book “PowerPoint Presentationer”, published by Liber. Mikael earned a bachelor’s degree in computer science before joining Frontec in the spring of 1987, with specialization in UNIX and C-programming.

Per Englund

Per Englund is an all round technology pioneer always pushing the limits of what technology can offer.  He is currently a core team member of the eHealth Innovation Lab at Karolinska University Hospital, focusing on big data and mobile solutions within health care. Mr Englund’s vast experience within the telecom- and IT-industries started as early as 1988 with the Internet and mobile solutions as the golden thread of his career with the following highlights:

  • Outlining the first strategy for online banking, i.e. Nordea Internet bank (1993)
  • Leading the implementation of the Internet for the Swedish government (1994)
  • Establishing the Telia Bright, a company responsible for mobile internet (2000)
  • Founder of the Augmented Commerce Association an Organisation promoting e-Commerce solutions (2010)


Courtyard by Marriott Stockholm

Courtyard by Marriott Stockholm is located in the Kungsholmen neighborhood of Stockholm, within walking distance of the city centre and next door to one of the city's main metro stations. The Courtyard by Marriott Stockholm is very easy to access by car from Arlanda Airport. Via high way E4 straight ahead, no changes necessary, you get to the hotel in about 30 minutes. Take the exit towards Fridhemsplan. 

Courtyard by Marriott Stockholm
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SE-112 35 Stockholm

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