Big Data & Analytics Insight 2016


Finding your Way in the World of Big Data and Analytics

The dust is beginning to settle in the world of massive unstructured data analytics. Big Data has been taken off the hype cycle and the trend is clear: new and existing vendors are competing for your attention as well as the lively Open Source community which is churning out new functionality, new features and entirely new products on a monthly basis. This is where ba4all can help you: acquiring knowledge and insight into where the technology is heading and how Big Data systems can integrate with your existing analytics infrastructure. So make sure this conference is on your to do list and mark June 2nd in your agenda!

Under the guidance of experienced thought leader like Mike Ferguson, Big Data & Analytics’ state of the art will be updated in a practical and inspiring way.

Topics covered:

  • Business issues in Analytics
  • Hadoop, the 101 and the practice
  • New Architectures emerge
  • Exploratory analytics
  • Data discovery and visualisation


Why Attend?

The enormous business promises of Big Data and Analytics are matched with the enormous confusion about technology, platforms, open source communities and vendors all jockeying for the best position in the market. To create some order in the chaos, to provide some clear roadmaps in this complex environment for both business and technology partners we have designed a well-balanced aganda. Make sure you are up to date!

Who Should Attend?

If your job role includes the following responsibilities then this is the must-attend event:

  • Business analysts and project managers in analytics
  • Data scientists and data engineers
  • Data warehousing professionals and data architects
  • Enterprise architects and information domain architects
  • CIOs and IT Managers


09.00Welcome Note
09.10Icebreaking Session
09.20Reducing Time To Value - Data Management And Analytical Tools Available On Spark and Hadoop
10.25Networking Coffee
10.50Peer Exchange: Skills Crisis in Big Data and Analytics?
11.50Hadoop in the Cloud: the Pragmatic Start
12.15Networking Lunch
13.30An Agile Data Strategy for the Modern Enterprise - Regaining Order In a Sea of Data Chaos
14.30Peer Exchange: New Analytics Initiatives, Demand a New Funding Approach
14.55Networking Coffee
15.20Convincing Big Data Analytics through Data Discovery and Visualisation
15.45The Data Warehouse has an Edge over Hadoop 
16.10Closing Remarks & Networking Reception


Reducing Time To Value - Data Management And Analytical Tools Available On Spark and Hadoop

In addition to developing analytical applications on Spark and Hadoop, there are other options available to the data scientist that could significantly reduce time to value in Big Data environments. These include self-service data integration tools, real-time analytic application development tools, offline analytical workflow tools, model development tools that exploit Spark and/or Hadoop.

This session looks at the increasing number of technologies available that allow you to exploit the scalability of Hadoop and Spark but that don't require you to have to write programs.

  • Speeding up Data Science - why no programming is a valid option
  • Key requirements for tools if they are to improve productivity
  • Preparing data for analysis without programming using data wrangling tools
  • Model development tools that exploit Spark and in-Hadoop analytics
  • Building workflow based analytical applications without programming
  • Building Apache Storm analytic application without programming
  • Text analytics and the power of search
  • Interactive data discovery and data visualisation tools

Peer Exchange: Skills Crisis in Big Data and Analytics?

Your input is needed. Because it will require a lot of creativity and effort to attract, recruit, develop and retain data science and data engineering talent.

Hadoop in the Cloud: the Pragmatic Start

Do you get cold feet just thinking of setting up Hadoop clusters? Don’t. Because this session will show you how easy cloud platforms allow you to set up your Hadoop cluster in a few clicks. If technology is not an issue anymore you can concentrate on the questions that matter.

An Agile Data Strategy for the Modern Enterprise - Regaining Order In a Sea of Data Chaos

For most organisations today, their data landscape is becoming increasingly more complex. Transaction systems are now spread across both on premises and in the cloud, multiple data warehouses and data marts often exist and big data platforms have also entered the enterprise.  Data quality issues in this kind of landscape can cause significant problems and be hard to eradicate. In addition, new data sources continue to grow and new data collected is often too big to move to process it centrally. So how do you deal with all this to ensuring data remains trusted and to ensure that data governance keeps data under control? This session looks at this problem and shows how to implement a agile data strategy to manage data in a distributed and hybrid computing environment.

  • The increasing complexity of a distributed data landscape
  • What do you need to consider in a modern data strategy?
  • Managing data in a distributed and hybrid computing environment
  • Multiple tools - self-service DI Vs EIM – how they fit together?
  • Dealing with data when it is too big to move
  • The move towards data as a service inside the enterprise
  • The role of data virtualisation in a modern data strategy

Peer Exchange: New Analytics Initiatives, Demand a New Funding Approach

Big Data Analytics can’t be compared with application development and they even deviate quite from “classical” BI processes and projects. Today, many initiatives are funded from innovation budgets or IT project budgets but this is not a sustainable situation. In this interactive session, ba4all proposes new ways of embedding the Big Data funding in the regular budget exercise.

Convincing Big Data Analytics through Data Discovery and Visualisation

The more data, the more complexity, right? Wrong. Using the right front end tools to visualise massive amounts of data – properly prepared for visualisation - can bring clarity to the decision makers. Be advised, this is not a demo session but rather a step by step guide towards connecting the optimum visualisation options to your Big Data Analytics approach.

The Data Warehouse has an Edge over Hadoop

This keynote session is more than a wrap up of the day. It clearly defines why Hadoop is not the silver bullet nor the snake oil for all analytical requirements. The good old data warehouse is not off the table for a myriad of reasons. Let’s not underestimate the response from the traditional RDBMS vendors when it comes to adapting to new technological evolutions. Remember the days when there was only one columnar database on the market? Can you name one of the major vendors who hasn’t a columnar solution in his offering? Right. This is what’s happening right now with Big Data architectures and ba4all is ready to guide you in this turbulent environment. HDFS can be a good option for archiving certain tables or partitions. And in many cases it can serve as an Operational Data Store (ODS). Hybrid analytics will become the new standard. Discover the path towards it in this session.




Mike Ferguson

Mike Ferguson is Managing Director of Intelligent Business Strategies Limited. As an analyst and consultant he specialises in business intelligence, big data, data management and enterprise business integration. He has over 33 years of IT experience.

  • 25 years in BI and Corporate Performance Management
  • 33 years in Data Management
  • 11 years in Smart Business
  • 4 years Big Data Analytics (Hadoop, MapReduce, Hive, Graph DBMSs….)

Mike works at board, senior IT levels and detailed technical IT levels on business intelligence/corporate performance management strategy, technology selection, enterprise architecture, business integration, MDM and data integration. He has spoken at events all over the world and written numerous articles. Formerly he was a principal and co-founder of Codd and Date Europe Limited – the inventors of the Relational Model, a Chief Architect at NCR on the Teradata DBMS and European Managing Director of Database Associates. He teaches popular master classes in Big Data, New Technologies for Data Warehousing and BI, Operational BI, Enterprise Data Governance, Master Data Management, Data Integration and Enterprise Architecture.



The venue for this class is hosted by Avega Group (one of our long standing partners in Sweden) and is located within Sturegallerian, one of the Stockholm's most prestigious addresses. This classical stone building is on a bustling business and shopping hub of the city, part of the Golden Triangle - the financial district of Stockholm.

The Elevate Room
Avega Group
Grev Turegatan 11A (3rd floor, inside Sturegallerian)
114 46 Stockholm

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