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Ralph Kimball

Ralph Kimball returns to The Netherlands

Business Analytics For All hosts Ralph Kimball at the Business Analytics Insight 2014 on 10 June 2014 in Bussum.

Attendees at this conference get unrivalled access to his latest thinking, as well as insight into the significant updates to the Kimball Method represented in the recently released third edition of "The Data Warehouse Toolkit: The Definitive Guide to Dimensional Modeling".

Kimball's first keynote focused on the evolution of the data warehouse and what the future may hold. He then delved into the ins and outs of big data, the newest addition to the strategic direction of data warehousing, before participating in a Town Hall session.

In addition to our keynote sessions, our agenda also featured four content rich solution provider sessions focused on learning, not hype. Solution providers, and in many cases their clients, will share case studies, best practices, key learnings and future trends and technologies. Topics covered at the conference include: 

  • Self-Service Business Intelligence
  • Data Visualization
  • Business Intelligence in the Cloud
  • Predictive Analytics


Business Analytics Insight 2014 brings together a community of business intelligence & analytics professionals providing a platform to share must-have insights and best practices.

Why Attend

  • Experience a unique balance of keynote sessions, a daring town hall session and business valuable sessions, all focused on case-study-driven learning and best practices
  • The visionary keynotes will be from Ralph Kimball, recognized and thought leader in the Business Analytics area
  • Learn how the Data Warehouse has evolved from the earliest days up to 2014, and become inspired about what the future may hold
  • Get must-have insights on how to increase Customer Value through smart Data Visualization
  • Learn how your organization needs to adapt to take the full advantage of Big Data opportunities
  • Hear how to maintain control and structure with Self-Service BI
  • Dare to share! Take part in a Town Hall session with Ralph Kimball
  • Network with your peers

Who should attend

  • Leaders of BI and analytics initiatives (CIO, CFO, Business Inntelligence Director / Manager, Data Warehouse Manager, …)
  • Business sponsors of BI and analytics initiatives
  • BI Competency Center managers
  • Business analysts
  • Project and program managers
  • Technology architects
  • Data / Information architects and data modelers
  • Developers of BI and data warehousing systems
  • Business and IT consultants


09:00Welcome Note
09:10Keynote: The Data Warehouse - The Essential Platform for Business Intelligence  (Ralph Kimball)
10:30Networking Coffee
11:00Everything You Need to Know About Cloud BI
11:45Panel Discussion on 
Self-Service Business Intelligence
12:30Networking Lunch
13:45Best Practices in Predictive Analytics
14:30Understanding The Role Of Data Visualization
15:15Networking Coffee
15:45Keynote: Big Data Can Drive the Business and IT to Evolve and Adapt (Ralph Kimball)
16:30Town Hall Session with Ralph Kimball
17:00Closing Remarks
17:10Networking Reception


The Data Warehouse - The Essential Platform for Business Intelligence

Keynote Session by Ralph Kimball

The data warehouse remains the critical resource for making decisions using an organization’s data. In this keynote, Dr. Kimball will describe how the data warehouse has evolved from the earliest days to 2013, and what the future may hold. Although the data warehouse may take many physical forms from many vendors, there is remarkable agreement on its logical structure. This structure is called dimensional modeling, an approach that makes the data warehouse understandable and usable by business decision makers. Dr. Kimball, the leading proponent of the dimensional modeling approach, will describe its advantages and benefits, in a talk intended for general management, IT management, and senior IT designers.

The presentation can be viewed using this link. *

Everything You Need to Know About Cloud BI

BIRST Solution Provider Session
Speaker: Freek Kamst

More and more business applications are moving to the Cloud and Business Intelligence is no different. As you consider moving BI to a cloud model, there will be a host of questions you’ll be thinking about, from data integration to data security. This session will describe what you need to know about Cloud BI and what to consider when looking at the Cloud-based solutions.

You will learn:

  • Which cloud model is right for your organization?
  • Data challenges to consider when moving to the cloud
  • Questions to ask your cloud provider
  • Best practices for utilizing BI in the cloud

The presentation can be viewed using this link. *

Panel Discussion on Self-Service Business Intelligence

According to the last BI survey from BARC, self-service BI in the Benelux is not taking off as fast as predicted. A panel of experts will address a few pressing issues why Self Service BI lags behind the adoption level in other countries.  The survey mentions three reasons: a lack of business interest,  slow query performance and problems with data governance.

These are a few questions the panel will deal with:

  • How can we motivate the business users to use SSBI?
  • What means, other than investing in hardware and virtualization, can improve query performance?
  • What data governance strategies can mitigate this important risk?

The presentation can be viewed using this link. *

Best Practices in Predictive Analytics

Capgemini Solution Provider Session
Speaker: Ajay Gopikrishnan

Predictive analytics is quickly moving out of the precincts of the academic realm into the business mainstream. Although not a new method, its power and ease of use, inexpensive computing power, the organization’s increasing amounts of data and the emergence of niche skills has created an environment for large-scale adoption. Some industries like Banking are already mature while others like retail and manufacturing are quickly awakening to the value proposition.

When properly designed, implemented and maintained, predictive analytics solutions can deliver significant results.  This session will provide insights to understand:

  • The Business Value of Predictive Analytics
  • How to get a predictive analytics initiative rolling
  • Best practices for implementation
  • Predictive Analytics in the age of Big Data and Cloud
The presentation can be viewed using this link. *

Understanding The Role Of Data Visualization

Speaker: Bert Brijs

Like good writing, good graphical displays of data communicate ideas with clarity, precision and efficiency. However, like bad writing, bad graphical displays distort data – making business decisions impossible and flawed. There are many conventional ways to visualise data, in every project and on every occasion, but often the simple pie chart does not suffice. In fact there are much better, profound, creative and absolutely fascinating ways to visualise data. Hear how you can use data visualisation to your advantage.

Topics discussed:

  • The benefits of data visualisation – how it drives end user buy-in for BI
  • The capabilities, and limitations, of data visualisation
  • Data visualisation technology and techniques – the how and why of data visualisation
  • Real life examples of data visualisation – how does it benefit organisations?
  • You want it? How to build a business case for visualisation
The presentation can be viewed using this link. *

Big Data Can Drive the Business and IT to Evolve and Adapt

Keynote Session by Ralph Kimball

Big data is the newest addition to the strategic direction of the data warehouse. Big data has the potential to expand enormously the types of data that can be analyzed as well as the kinds of questions that can be answered. But can these insights be monetized? What are examples of verified big data success stories? Is there an architectural theme for big data? An organizational theme? Do “data scientists” work in IT? In this presentation for general management, IT management, and senior IT designers, Dr. Kimball will answer these questions and describe how organizations need to adapt to take advantage of big data.

The presentation can be viewed using this link. *

Town Hall Session with Ralph Kimball

A town hall meeting is an American term given to an informal public meeting, function, or event derived from the traditional town meetings of New England. Typically open to everybody in a community, attendees generally may voice their opinions and ask questions of the public figures at the town hall. At this open Q&A session, attendees have the opportunity to ask questions to Dr. Ralph Kimball.

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Brijs Bert

Bert is an entrepreneur in Customer Relationship Management since 1986, started in Business Analytics in 1994 and is now preparing a startup in Big Data Analytics. He is the author of the book “Business Analysis for Business Intelligence” and a regular speaker on conferences, seminars and workshops.

Gopikrishnan Ajay

Ajay is the Lead Architect for Business Analytics and Big Data for Capgemini in the Netherlands. He has more than 12 years of experience in the IT industry spanning business development, solution design and project management, primarily in the domain of analytics and BI.  A student of data science, Ajay has worked with several clients across industry verticals to help them exploit the potential of data assets, lying both within and outside the organization, in order to generate sustainable business value. He is currently using the wealth of his experience to incubate and grow the data science practice within Capgemini, Netherlands.

Kamst Freek

Freek Kamst is Director BI Services at the VANAD Groep. He’s responsible for new business development in the area of business intelligence and data warehousing. Freek started his business intelligence career at Newcom Information Systems in 1997 and was the Managing Director from 2005 until 2010. He has a lot of experience in data warehousing and business intelligence and is also acting on these type of projects as an advisor or project manager.

Kimball Ralph

Ralph Kimball is the founder of the Kimball Group and author of several best-selling books on data warehousing, including "The Data Warehouse Toolkit". Since the mid-1980s, he has been the DW/BI industry’s thought leader on the dimensional approach and trained more than 20,000 students.The Kimball dimensional approach has become the de facto DW/BI industry standard.

Prior to working at Metaphor and founding Red Brick Systems, Ralph co-invented the first commercially-available workstation with a graphical user interface at Xerox’s Palo Alto Research Center (PARC). Ralph has his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University.




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