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An offer you can’t refuse: three trending topics for free to sample the quality of a ba4all event. Use cases and practical examples guarantee a concrete approach to the complex business and technical aspects of analytics. Make sure you attend these presentations in Brussels, the 16th November:

  • Top Trends in Analytics
  • From On-Premise to Open Source Cloud BI: A practical use case
  • How to Build an Industrial Analytics Platform

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No death by PowerPoint, Just Do It in our hands-on Conference!

Business Analytics for All is putting experience first. So forget the flood of Powerpoints and brace yourself for hands-on experience of new theories, methods and directions to solutions for complex analytical problems.

This method of learning by experience is superior to passively taking in content. It is a real challenge for our contributors but evaluations from the past three years at Business Analytics for All have proven this is the way to go. With peer exchanges getting the highest scores as well as our hands-on labs where we delve deeper into the technical aspects, Business Analytics for All is expanding these methods to our conferences. Expert talks are combined with a peer exchange and three hands-on labs in the afternoon. Enjoy and take full advantage of this method!


“To govern is to foresee” is an adage any analytics professional will agree on. Business Analytics for All provides you with a preview of things to come in analytics. Some of these trends are already proving their business value, others need to realise their full potential.

  • What is the impact of GDPR on your data management strategy?
  • How to Build an Industrial Analytics Platform
  • Discussions on the opportunities and risks of Hadoop & Spark, Data Quality, The Battle for Cloud Leadership, ...

Hands-on Labs: Analytics Power to the People

Remember when you needed an engineer to just boot a mini or a mainframe? Today’s “Start” button does the job. The same evolution is on its way in analytics. Some call it the Information Democracy, others talk about Self-service Analytics or the citizen data scientist. Data analysts and business analysts become more empowered to produce meaningful results.

Topics include:

  • Self-Service Data Preparation
  • Integrated Analytics
  • Predictive Modeling

Experience how Business Analytics for All is not recycling the leading analyst reports. This conference is the condensed result of our effort to produce timely, accurate and practical information for analytics professionals.


8.30Registration & Welcome Coffee
9.00Welcome Note & Icebreaking Session
9.15Top Trends in Analytics
10.00From On-Premise to Open Source Cloud BI: A Practical Use Case
10.30Networking Coffee
11.00Peer Exchange: How to Fit Cloud Analytics Into Your Data Landscape
12.00How to Build an Industrialized Analytical Platform
12.30Networking Lunch & Campfire Sessions 
 Campfire Sessions: Kickstart your Data Science With a Limited Budget, Monitoring Your Own Environment in the Cloud, Dammit Jim, I’m an analyst, not a developer!, Personality Profiling with LIZI, Adaptive Intelligence: Next Generation Analytics, Our Experience of Becoming a Data-driven Company From Top To Bottom
13.30Hands-on Lab: Self-Service Data Preparation 
14.30Hands-on Lab: Integrated Analytics
15.30Networking Coffee
16.00Hands-on Lab: Predictive Data Modeling
17.00Closing Remarks & Networking Reception


Top Trends in Analytics

Speaker: Wouter van der Brugghen

This session is the opening keynote of a busy interactive day. Data is rapidly becoming the biggest asset for many companies, driving their business and key for their future. In this session Xavier Verhaeghe will take an in depth look at the top trends in analytics and how these can help companies maximizing the value of their data.

The presentation can be viewed using this link. All on-line solution provider/speaker presentations are subject to the use of this disclaimer.

From On-Premise to Open Source Cloud BI: A Practical Use Case

Speakers: Gert Wuyts, Jan Meskens

To turn data into actionable insights, companies are more and more encouraged to choose for open source data technology hosted on a cloud-based infrastructure. Thousands of open source (big) data tools are out there driven by data specialists working together to build the open-source community. Cloud solutions, on the other hand, introduce a new level of flexibility when building and deploying your cloud platforms. In this talk, Juvo presents how they supported in their transition from an on premise BI system to an open source platform, combining best BI and Big Data technologies. Juvo will elaborate on the barriers they had to overcome and they will also zoom in on the benefits of Pentaho and AWS.

The presentation can be viewed using this link. All on-line solution provider/speaker presentations are subject to the use of this disclaimer.

How to Build an Industrialized Analytical Platform

Speaker: Luka Riester

Whenever a new technology emerges, the same process is observed: tools are being tested, proofs of concept are started, tool selection tracks are started and a certain degree of confusion emerges as all new and  incumbent tool vendors claim to offer a complete solution. With every new product announcement, new lab test and proofs of concept are commissioned. Before you know it, the end user, the decision maker is losing interest and the projects become entirely IT driven.

In this session, Luka Riester will show you the way out of this conundrum using real life cases to move from the lab environment to an industrialised analytical platform. If you are interested to do things right from the start, then this session is a must attend!

The presentation can be viewed using this link. All on-line solution provider/speaker presentations are subject to the use of this disclaimer.

Peer Exchange: How to Fit Cloud Analytics Into Your Data Landscape

Now it’s time to get to work. In a peer exchange process, you will tackle a few of these issues: How to organize a new data landscape that includes cloud analytics? How to master governance of your data assets?

Hands-on: Self-Service Data Preparation

Speaker: Kurt Van Eeckhout

We all know this for a fact: 70 – 90 % of an analytics project is about data preparation. And even well-established analytical processes still need a large chunk of the budget for data preparation.

This session opens up new inroads, ideas and hands-on field experience to self-service data preparation. 

Hands-on: Integrated Analytics

Speaker: Haroen Vermylen

When it comes to making operations more efficient, most executives know that they need to leverage data to identify areas of improvement. Data collection and storage is manageable, but executives can easily find themselves with a mountain of information and more questions than answers. 

In this hands-on session, various on-premise data sources will be blended seamlessly with Open Data in the area of Marketing & Finance. In minutes, interactive visualizations will be created that generate new insights. Finally data will be valorized by designing a fully-fledged data portal that will support better decision making.

The presentation can be viewed using this link. All on-line solution provider/speaker presentations are subject to the use of this disclaimer.

Hands-on: Predictive Data Modeling 

Speakers: Guy De Pauw, Joris Van den Borre

Predictive data modeling is a combination of science, art and intuition: choosing the right model that combines accuracy in predictive value  with reduced complexity is not an easy task. 

New tools as well as the incumbent ones are opening up for business analysts, data analysts and not just for statisticians and data scientists. Managing the trade-off between variance and bias becomes more and more user friendly. Not convinced? You will experience it hands on!

Guy De Pauw's presentation can be viewed using this link and Joris' presentation can be viewed here. All on-line solution provider/speaker presentations are subject to the use of this disclaimer.




De Pauw Guy

Guy De Pauw has been working as a language engineer for almost 20 years and has extensive experience developing robust text analytics applications for a wide range of languages. As co-founder and CEO of the University of Antwerp spin-off Textgain, he is now bringing language technology to the market that can extract knowledge from documents in application areas such as marketing, citizen participation and cybersecurity. At the cross-section between industry and academia, Guy is committed to finding industrial applications for the state-of-the-art in cognitive computing.

Meskens Jan

Jan is an independent management consultant currently active as scrum product owner and BI manager at He manages the transformation of’s on premise BI system to a cloud-hosted Pentaho BI stack. Before this mission, Jan worked as (big) data consultant at Smals helping public services to kickstart their big data initiatives. Jan holds a PhD in computer science with a thesis focused around data visualization and usability engineering. In the evening hours, Jan manages, an open job platform helping data specialists and companies to connect with each other.

Riester Luka

Being 10 years in the data industry Luka gained experience by working on numerous IT projects as a technical expert ranging from ERP implementations to Business Intelligence, Data warehouse modelling and Big Data projects. His skillset covers various competencies on different IT platforms accompanied with sound understanding of business needs and requirements. His specialties cover technical and functional design of data structures with strong focus on real-time and batch data integration, analytics industrialization and end user data interaction. Luka’s current interests are data related Apache projects like Hadoop, Spark, Kafka and Flink, Azure and hybrid deployments, as well as Python. Apart from being a consultant with an increasingly important front-facing, customer oriented role, he is also in charge of a team of 35 data engineers and scientists deployed on numerous missions.

Van den Borre Joris

In his current role as Analytics Director at, Joris helps organisations driving business innovation using analytics and planning solutions in the cloud. He is a firm believer in a process driven, agile approach to busines analytics tracks. Together with both business- and technology stakeholders, he works towards an aligned vision on people, processes and tools. Over the past 10 years, he acquired international experience working for global enterprises, the public sector as well as local SME's. 

Van Eeckhout Kurt

Kurt Van Eeckhout is co-founder of Credon which was founded in 2006 and became the reference for Qlik self-service BI solutions in the Benelux. Credon was recently also appointed as distributor of Trifacta, a self-service Data Wrangling solution, in the Benelux. Kurt studied computer science at the Erasmus Hogeschool in Brussels. Being a very seasoned professional, Kurt brings a lot of ICT experience to the table from previous functions and experiences. He started his professional career at Siemens where he held various positions, from Analyst-Programmer to Project Manager. He was active as country manager Belgium and Luxembourg at Progress Software, he held an international position at EMC as a professional services manager for Northern Europe and he worked at Compuware for many years and moved up the ladder to director professional services Belgium. 

Vermylen Haroen

Haroen Vermylen is the founder of He has a background in Computer Science Engineering - Artificial Intelligence and has extensive experience in Data Visualization & Data Science as a consultant and as team lead, working for clients like National Lottery, Statistics Belgium, Touring, Federal Police, ... Haroen and his team at strive to make data visualization & analytics accessible to all, offering a platform to blend data across data silos and integrating analytics in other platforms and systems.

Wouter van der Brugghen

Wouter van der Brugghen studied social geography at the University of Groningen. Since then he has mainly been working with data in the Public Sector, as a statistics teacher and consultant and in several roles at Oracle. Currently he's leading the Benelux Big Data & Analytics pre-sales team.

Wuyts Gert

Gert started his career in the early 90's and was always active in the database and data area and later on more and more into business intelligence and analytics. In 2008 he co founded Juvo, a company focusing on data improvement projects resulting in better insight and decision making. Juvo has a strong focus on collaboration and co-creation with the customer, combined with the best technology (BI, Big data, cloud & open source) and industry knowhow, Juvo delivers successful projects helping our customers in optimizing cost reduction, grow in disruptive times and benefit from the digital transformation.


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