Business Analytics Hands-on 2017


No death by PowerPoint, Just Do It in our hands-on Conference!

Business Analytics for All is putting experience first. So forget the flood of Powerpoints and brace yourself for hands-on experience of new theories, methods and directions to solutions for complex analytical problems.

This method of learning by experience is superior to passively taking in content. It is a real challenge for our contributors but evaluations from the past three years at Business Analytics for All have proven this is the way to go. With peer exchanges getting the highest scores as well as our hands-on labs where we delve deeper into the technical aspects, Business Analytics for All is expanding these methods to our conferences. Expert talks are combined with a peer exchange and three hands-on sessions in the afternoon. Enjoy and take full advantage of this method!


“To govern is to foresee” is an adage any analytics professional will agree on. Business Analytics for All provides you with a preview of things to come in analytics. Some of these trends are already proving their business value, others need to realise their full potential.

  • What is the impact of GDPR on your data management strategy?
  • How to Build an Industrial Analytics Platform
  • Discussions on the TCO of Cloud and On-Premise Analytics Platforms, Data Quality, The Battle for Cloud Leadership, ...

Hands-on Sessions: Analytics Power to the People

Remember when you needed an engineer to just boot a mini or a mainframe? Today’s “Start” button does the job. The same evolution is on its way in analytics. Some call it the Information Democracy, others talk about Self-service Analytics or the citizen data scientist. Data analysts and business analysts become more empowered to produce meaningful results.

Topics include:

  • Self-Service Data Preparation
  • Data Governance
  • Predictive Analytics

Experience how Business Analytics for All is not recycling the leading analyst reports. This conference is the condensed result of our effort to produce timely, accurate and practical information for analytics professionals.


8.30Registration & Welcome Coffee
9.00Welcome Note & Icebreaking Session
9.15Top 10 Trends in Analytics
10.0010 Key Facts about General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) & Analytics
10.30Networking Coffee
11.00Peer Exchange: Total Cost of Ownership of Cloud and On-Premise Analytics Platforms
12.00How to Build an Industrial Analytics Platform
12.30Networking Lunch & Campfire Sessions 
 Campfire Sessions: Data Quality is Dead, The Opportunities and Risks of Hadoop & Spark, How to Combine Artificial Intelligence and Business Intelligence, The Battle for Cloud Leadership, Data Management: at Arm's Length or Not, ...
13.30Hands-on: Self-Service Data Preparation 
14.30Hands-on: Practical Data Governance
15.30Networking Coffee
16.00Hands-on: Predictive Data Modeling
17.00Closing Remarks & Networking Reception


Top 10 Trends in Analytics

This session is the opening keynote of a busy interactive day. You will appreciate we’re not yet divulging these trends… But rest assured, the speaker will show you how to integrate the trends in your analytics strategy in order not to miss out on the opportunities.

10 Key Facts about General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) & Analytics

There are still people out there who think the General Data Protection regulation will go away. This session will create some sense of urgency, using ten compelling facts. Your data management, your analytics and your operational systems will be affected by the GDPR.

How to Build an Industrial Big Data Platform

Big Data technology will transform entire operating flows, supply chains, sourcing activities and maintenance strategies as well as asset management, security and statistical process control. The Internet of Things (IoT) enables continuous data exchange between the controllers, sensors up to the machines, robots as well as inventory management. Combine this massive data flow with intelligent analytics and prepare for a new industrial revolution. This session provides you with an initial roadmap.

Peer Exchange: Total Cost of Ownership of Cloud and On-Premise Analytics Platforms …

You and your peers will debate on the TCO for both cloud and premise-based analytics platforms over a five-year span.

Hands-on: Self-Service Data Preparation

We all know this for a fact: 70 – 90 % of an analytics project is about data preparation. And even well-established analytical processes still need a large chunk of the budget for data preparation.

This session opens up new inroads, ideas and roadmaps to self-service data preparation.

Hands-on: Practical Data Governance

Data governance has been too long the realm of academics. It’s time to get practical. Because in the real world, governance needs to optimize for rigid regulations where needed and flexible, short term solutions where necessary. 

This session will provide you with mental models and the tools on the market that enable you to do so.

Hands-on: Predictive Data Modeling 

Predictive data modeling is a combination of science, art and intuition: choosing the right model that combines accuracy in predictive value  with reduced complexity is not an easy task. 

New tools as well as the incumbent ones are opening up for business analysts, data analysts and not just for statisticians and data scientists. Managing the trade-off between variance and bias becomes more and more user friendly. Not convinced? You will experience it hands on with a user friendly analytics tool.



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