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Hands-on Data Lake

Modern Data Management spells “Data Lakes”. Data warehouses still deliver value in well-structured contexts but new technologies and new evolutions are making the case for data lakes. The data formats, delivery methods and the variances in persistence are getting bigger and add to data management complexity. On February 22, we offer you a unique opportunity to get hands-on experience to build a Data Lake and learn how to:

  • Build a data lake
  • Connect it to a cloud environment
  • Connect it to on premise infrastructure

And while doing so, you will experience:

  • How to optimize for performance
  • How data maintenance is set up
  • How to guarantee data lineage
  • How to secure the environment

Seats are restricted to members and limited to twelve, so book your seat ASAP!

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Latest News

Once more a couple of young USG Professionals enthusiasts wrote an interesting blog about the Hands-on Cloud Analytics that we organized on September 26th.

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